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The BIG King Sacha complaint form


 Better evening my dear listeners,

   Are you unsatisfied with your general situation? Did your girlfriend just cheat on you with a singer and
  alcoholic. Or are you just simply super mega mad rad extreme international unsatisfied with the combined situation  of current affairs as resident of this universe? Then I would   like to offer you an opportunity to voice your complaint in the most awkward ineffective and lazy way imaginable, with this form..

   Because I am a very professional busy singer, songer, and alcoholic I obviously get a lot and even more complaints.

  Because of this, I suffer under a lot of extreme stress (almost burnout). So I kindly refer  you to our

   highly qualified problem-solving problem solvers.

  To make their work even easier fill out the questions below. Please take even more time than you have,
  so you may forget all other problems in the world and focus all your thought on this

   problem before you, so you can voice them as laud and clear as possible, they will be heard.

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